There is never a dull moment in American politics. Something is always cooking. First, it was the excitement of having an African-American president; now it is a love-hate relationship with the outspoken Donald Trump.

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Trump Tries to Buy Greenland

Mr Trump recently tried to lure Denmark into selling Greenland; an independent state the Danish kingdom has controlled since the 1800s. But the reaction from Danish politicians was a unanimous no. They also thought the American president had crossed the line. Getting in a real estate deal with Donald Trump is the last thing on their minds.

According to reports by trusted sources, Greenland is rich with minerals. It has coal, zinc, uranium, and small deposits of diamonds and gold. That alone might drive Trump to want control of the island. But the US army also has interests in the area.

The US Military

After the heavily militarized July 4 celebrations in 2019, experts warn the US military is not as well equipped as some emerging powers. They are using tanks and assault vehicles from the 1970s, which would be almost useless in a war against a capable opponent.

China, for example, has invested heavily in precision munitions. These missiles can travel across the world and hit a specific target without missing the mark. That is a direct threat to the US and her allies. Experts say the Asian nation would win a war against the US in a matter of hours.

President Trump Gives a “Safety Speech” in Shell’s Construction Site

Thousands of workers were “forced” to attend Trump’s speech at Pennsylvania’s petrochemical plant. The management claims the address was about safety and work-related issues. And the president said it was a White House event, not a re-election campaign.

Workers received a memo saying anybody who decided not to show up to work that day would get an unpaid day off, and not be eligible for overtime that week. They were also instructed not to show any resistance towards the president. However, Shell denied writing this memo; they blamed the construction site management for the blunder. However, site management declined to make any comment on these claims.

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