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Trump’s Administration

Trump has always tried to make Americans take his view on his key issues; race, trade, and immigration. They bought his ideas in 2016, but that might not work a second time. People have realized that the president is leveraging tension to achieve political mileage.

In the recent past, Mr Trump explicitly showed his interests to promote racial division after attacking four Democratic congresswomen of color. According to Reuters poll casts, this is a sure way to lose the 2020 election.

Americans are more likely to sympathize with African-Americans. That includes Caucasians and people without degrees; a crowd which supported him massively in 2016. They also found out that more Democrats agree African–Americans are unfairly treated at work, and also mishandled by the police.

On the issue of immigration, Reuters reported that Americans are more supportive about the path to citizenship than they were four years ago. They are also less in favor of the increased deportations Trump has started.

Now that the public has seen Trump implement the ideas he sold during his initial campaign, they are having second thoughts about him. For example, a trade war with China is not as good as it seemed in 2016.

If Trump continues with his current strategy, there’s a big chance he will attract the same crowd he did in 2016; assuming that those who voted for Obama don’t show up. But it is difficult to imagine how he could do that again in 2020, considering he lost the popular vote, but won the general election with a razor-thin margin.