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PA REAL ID: What You Need to Know
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PA REAL ID: What You Need to Know

As many ready themselves for future travel plans, I am receiving questions about the impending status of the federally mandated REAL ID driver's license for Pennsylvania.

In response to legislative colleagues and me working with PennDOT, an information portal has been established to keep you updated about REAL ID, how this federal mandate might affect you, steps you can take, and, moving forward, what to anticipate.

Three priority takeaways I draw to your attention:

1) REAL ID was mandated by the federal government, and states are required to come into compliance;

2) You might be hearing reports that REAL ID for Pennsylvania goes into effect this Oct. 10. However, in actuality, this compliance start date is in the process of being extended to 2019. PennDOT's systems are still in the process of being readied to produce REAL ID-compliant licenses and identification cards. We will be informed of a new start date in the coming weeks; and

3) In the end, whether or not you opt to acquire a REAL ID Pennsylvania driver's license or identification card, a valid passport will be accepted for the same functions as REAL ID (boarding a commercial plane, entering a federal building and certain other activities requiring this identification).

Click here to learn more about REAL ID and to keep up-to-date on its status.

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